Past Programs

Past Programs

In 2015, GrubStreet offered free and reduced-cost seminars throughout Roxbury, Dorchester, and East Somerville with the aim of further increasing the accessibility of our classes.

In 2016, we responded to the enthusiasm garnered by our one-day classes by partnering with Lena Park Community Center to launch "Finding Your Voice," a six-week multi-genre course, with many partial or full scholarships. The feedback we received from both students and Lena Park staff was overwhelmingly positive.

"I watched the participants laugh, cry and silently write themselves whole. Even more impressive, the class was multi-generational and spanning 18-72 years old and everyone loved it! Even those who are not wealthy have something valuable to contribute to this written world and deserve a chance. Thanks for providing that chance."

—Ashley-Rose Salomon

In March of 2016, GrubStreet partnered with Brookview House, an independent non-profit in Dorchester that works to transition mothers and their families out of homelessness (with a 92% success rate). GrubStreet contributed to Brookview’s educational services by providing weekly writing classes focused on helping these mothers find new ways to articulate their stories.