Who Should Apply


The Essay Incubator is a good fit for your development as a writer if:

    • You have already taken two or more multi week writing workshops in essay, memoir or nonfiction at GrubStreet, a comparable writing center, or an MFA program, including ideally one at an advanced level.
    • You have been or are currently engaged in writing and reading essays, either in a class or writing group or on your own.
    • You want to spend several months focused on the exploration of the essay form, in order to take your writing to the next level, including being willing to revise your essays in open minded and at times, radically different, ways. 
    • You have time and passion to take yourself seriously as an essay writer, immerse yourself in the genre and devote several hours each week to your work and the program. The hours will depend on the phase of the program and the amount of time your writing requires, but plan on a minimum of 10 hours per week and, at times, as much as 15 or 20 hours a week, spread among various activities: your own writing, class meetings, meetings and consultations, reading essays, writing exercises and assignments, and preparing written feedback for fellow writers.
    • You either have been submitting essays, or you have a desire to begin submitting them in earnest, for publication, whether or not you have ultimately published any of them. 
    • You have written at least three essays you consider ready for being workshopped, and are excited to write more!
    • You want to join other writers to develop your essays, give and receive thoughtful critical feedback, and to participate in and help create a robust, respectful, supportive community of writers over 10 months together.

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