How We Price Our Workshops

Our pricing philosophy is founded on two principles:

  • Keeping our classes as affordable as possible
  • Paying our instructors fairly and sustainably

Our class prices are calculated using a per-week rate based on the length and level of each class; the levels are determined by how much outside-of-class preparation each class requires on the part of the instructor. For a breakdown of how our class pricing works, see the table below:

Because we are dedicated to providing opportunities for all writers regardless of financial background, we also work each year to create a robust scholarship and financial aid fund. We give out around $30,000 in scholarship money every year, and we’re aiming to raise even more this year. (You can donate here!) Scholarships are given out on a sliding scale, depending on a student’s ability to pay. If you want to know more about our scholarship program, you can check it out here.

Most of all, through everything we do at Grub, we want to convey this fundamental message: You belong here. Want to take a class but can’t afford to pay? Email us, or apply for a scholarship. We will find a way to get you in the door.

If you have any questions about our pricing system, please email our Director of Programs and Marketing, Alison Murphy, at [email protected].

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