Who Should Apply

The Students

The ideal student for this program is a mature writer in possession of a solid draft of a novel. While they have paid careful attention to the structure, character development, theme(s) and style of this novel, they are prepared to receive substantial critical feedback on it and knows it is in need of deep revision. This ideal student has also been an active participant in at least one workshop or writing group at GrubStreet or elsewhere and is generally familiar with literary terms used in the workshop process.

GrubStreet aims to create an ecosystem of students writing literary, commercial and “crossover” fiction, though we are less concerned with these distinctions than we are with the student’s willingness to revise their novel on its own terms. The supportive but rigorous environment is one of honesty, collaboration, generosity, seriousness and dedication. The student whose primary goal is academic credit, credentials or "guaranteed publication" is not a good fit for this program.

GrubStreet has designed the Novel Incubator as an MFA-level experience, and so students who are accepted into the Incubator will be writing at a level that would gain them entry into a traditional MFA program or a GrubStreet master-level fiction workshop. We see the Novel Incubator as complementary to an MFA in fiction or a master-track program, not in competition with it. We expect the cohort to consist of students who are pre-MFA, post-MFA or who are not considering an advanced degree.

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