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We always knew the GrubStreet community was bursting with talent, but the stars have recently aligned to bring more book publications between 2018 and 2019 than we’ve ever seen before from our students, instructors, staff and other members of the community. Just how many new books? So many we’ve lost track! That’s why we’re keeping a running list below and celebrating all the amazing work coming out of our community by curating a series of conversations between Grubbie authors with new books on our blog and sharing as much news about each book as possible.

Check out the running list (and we want to emphasize this is a work in progress) of book publications below, tell us about all the books we’ve missed (we'll be excited to add more!), and join the conversation on social by using #GrubGonePub. And, most importantly, remember to support the authors below by reading their work!

January 2018

Everything Here is Beautiful, Mira Lee (Instructor)

February 2018

Idol Talk: Women Writers on the Teenage Infatuations That Changed Their Lives, featuring work by Lisa Borders (Instructor); Marianne Leone (Lit Up Speaker);  Elizabeth Searle (Muse Presenter); B.A Shapiro (Muse Presenter); Ann Hood (Literary Council); Hank Phillippi Ryan (Instructor / Former student); Leslie Lawrence (Instructor); Mary Sullivan (Instructor)

March 2018

Every Note Played, by Lisa Genova (Grubby Award Winner 2018)  

April 2018

Bad Stories: What the Hell Just Happened to Our Country?, by Steve Almond (Instructor)  

May 2018

My Ex-Life, by Stephen McCauley (Literary Council Member)

A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing, by Tim Weed (Instructor)

June 2018

The Late-Bloomers' Club, by Louise Miller (Novel Incubator Graduate)

She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah), Ann Hood (Literary Council)

The Lost Family, by Jenna Blum (Instructor)

July 2018

Kissing the Shuttle - A Lyric History, by Mary Ann Mayer (Member)

August 2018

Little Comfort, by Edwin Hill (GrubStreet Student)

Trust Me, by Hank Phillippi Ryan (Literary Council Member)

All the Colors We Will See, by Patrice Gopo (Student)

September 2018

Flat: Reclaiming my body from breast cancer, by Catherine Guthrie (Memoir Incubator Graduate)

Gina in the Floating World, by Belle Brett (Novel Incubator Graduate)

48 Peaks, Hiking and Healing in the White Mountains, Cheryl Suchors (Student)

My Real Name Is Hanna, by Tara Lynn Masih (Instructor)

October 2018

Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, Volume 3, featuring work by Colwill Brown (Staff), Ben Berman (Columnist/Instructor), Tim Weed (Instructor), Alden Jones (Instructor)

Faerie Knitting: 14 Tales of Love and Magic by Alice Hoffman (Board & Literary Council Member)

Shelf Life of Happiness, by Virginia Pye (Instructor)

Yule Log Murder, by Barbara Ross (Student)

Gone So Long, by Andre Dubus (Literary Council Member)

The Library Book, by Susan Orlean (Literary Council Member)

November 2018

Winter Loon, by Susan Donavan (Novel Incubator Graduate)

Then Again, by Ben Berman (Instructor)

December 2018

Steamed Open, by Barbara Ross (Student)

Since When He Have Wings, by JR Mahung (Instructor)

January 2019

A Kind of Solitude, by Dariel Suarez (Staff) 

Some of My Friends Are... - The Daunting Challenges and Untapped Benefits of Cross-Racial Friendships, by Deborah Plummer (Board Member)

The Forgotten Hours, by Katrin Schumann (Instructor)

The Patricide of George Benjamin Hill, by James Charlesworth (Muse Attendee)

February 2019

Good Riddance, by Elinor Lipman (Literary Council Member)

Leading Men, by Christopher Castellani (Staff)

The Age of Light, by Whitney Scharer (Instructor)

Rutting Season, by Mandeliene Smith (Former Board)

The Chef's Secret, by Crystal King (Instructor)

March 2019

Mr. President, How Long Must We Wait?, by Tina Cassidy (GrubStreet Member)

Famous Men Who Never Lived, by K. Chess (Instructor)

Parents Under Pressure: Struggling to Raise Children in an Unequal America, by Karen Zilberstein (Member)

Long Division, by Sara Fraser (Student)  

After Crash, by Susan Robison (Student)  

April 2019

Appearancesby Sondra Helene (Board Member)

The Body Papers, by Grace Talusan (Essay Incubator Instructor)  

Cape May, by Chip Cheek (Former Staffer)

Every Moment After, by Joseph Moldover (Student, Met his agent Adam Schear, of DeFiore and Company, at The Muse and the Marketplace)

The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind, by Elaine McCardle (Instructor)

Memento Mori: Poems, by Charles Coe (instructor)

Busara Road, by David Sanders (Muse Participants)

The Narcissist's Daughter: A Meshugenah Love Story, by Mindy Pollack-Fusi (Student) 

May 2019

A Bend in the Stars, by Rachel Barenbaum (Novel Incubator Graduate)

Into the Jungle, by Erica Ferencik (Student)

Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass, by Mary L. Gray (Student)

Waisted, by Randy Susan Meyers (Instructor)

This All-at-Onceness, by Julie Wittes Schlack (Student)

The Book of Jeremiah, by Julie Zuckerman (Student) 

Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass, by Mary L. Gray (Student) 

June 2019

The Stationery Shop, Marjan Kamali (Instructor)

We Might As Well Light Something on Fire, by Ron MacLean (Instructor)

Screen Queens, Lori Goldstein (Instructor)

But I Am Here, by Pamela Bettencourt (Student)
Midsummer’s Mayhem, by Rajani LaRocca (Student) 

July 2019

Blue Hours: a novel, Daphne Kalotay, (Instructor)

THE LIE: A Memoir of Two Marriages, Catfishing, & Coming OutWilliam Dameron, (Student) 

The Docks, by Joanne Carota (Student)

Tell Me Who We Were, by Kate McQuade (Student)

August 2019

The Nine, by Jeanne Blasberg (Board member)

September 2019

Little Voices, by Vanessa Lillie (Student)

Echoes of Jerry, by Judah Leblang (Instructor)

October 2019

Losing Our Minds, by Howie Axelrod, (Instructor)

Holding On To Nothing, by Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne (Novel Incubator Graduate)

Driving in Cars with Homeless Men, by Kate Wisel (Student) 

November 2019

Idyll Hands, by Stephanie Gayle (Novel Incubator Graduate) 

i shimmer sometimes, tooPorsha Olayiwola (Instructor)

What We Will Become: A Mother, A Son, and A Journey of TransformationMimi Lemay (Student)

Wake, Siren: Ovid Resung, by Nina MacLaughlin (Instructor) 

More Than, by Diane Barnes (Student) 

The Unquiet Land: A Novel of Medieval Ireland, by Mary Malloy (Student) 

Our Market Season -- Cookbook(let), by Joshua Lewin and Juliet + Company (Student)

Who's Hiding In This Book?: Meet 10 Famous Authors, by Sheila Cordner (Student)

Birthright, by Erika Dreifus (Instructor)

December 2019

Welcome to the Neighborhood - An Anthology of American CoexistenceEdited by Sarah Green (Member) 

Empty Doorways, by Len Abram (Student) 

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