Online Classes

Learn Anytime, Day or Night (or Somewhere in Between)!

Don’t live in Boston? Prefer to learn from the comfort of your couch in PJs? We’re not here to judge. Wherever you are, our online courses bring the GrubStreet classroom experience to you. Online classes are flexible in schedule, with most classes having no set meeting time, so you can learn whenever works best for you. Dig into dynamic craft lessons, inspiring prompts and assignments, compelling, diverse readings, helpful peer and instructor feedback, and more through our interactive and super easy-to-use platform (designed specifically for writers!), Wet Ink. To get a sense of how the platform works, you can check out this short video.

Current Offerings

 Starting in April 2020

Starting in May 2020

How It Works

On the day before your class begins, you'll receive an invitation with instructions on how to log into Wet Ink, our online class platform, where you can explore your class materials, readings, and details on how your class will run (if you want to get a sense of how the platform works, you can check out this short video!). On the first day of class, you will receive a welcome email from your instructor with any final directions and information you might need.

Students in our online workshops need not have any experience taking web-based classes, though some familiarity with the internet and online communities will make for a smoother experience. To minimize technical problems, students should have access to a reliable internet connection and an updated browser (we recommend Google Chrome).

If you have any questions about our online classes, please email us at [email protected]