Schedule & Curriculum

"It's a stunningly well-conceived and executed program...The ability to develop a longstanding rapport with a group of writers of such a high caliber afforded me a level of workshop criticism that I had not previously encountered...I would recommend it to all serious writers!" -Short Story Incubator Alumni

The program is divided into two 13-week terms. There is a one-month break between the terms to allow writers to focus on developing reading lists for their own craft focus, review first-term feedback on all three of their stories, and decide which story they want to focus on during term two.

The program meets on Monday nights, from 6:00-9:00pm. 

First Phase (13 Weeks): Monday, September 12th - Monday, December 12th 2022

Class does not meet the week of Thanksgiving.

In weekly sessions, workshops will provide each writer with detailed critiques of three story drafts for overall growth areas for their stories and writing style.

In the first term, you will:

  • Receive an intensive workshop of three story drafts.
  • Develop and refine a framework for deep revision to bring out the particular strengths and vision of your stories through a comprehensive three-part framework for revision.
  • Discuss published work with a focus on advanced craft techniques.
  • Cultivate a series of advanced craft tools.
  • Define your own program goals and choose an area of story craft to focus on for individual study. You will also create a reading list and study plan in collaboration with the instructor that’s unique to your style.

Second Phase (13 Weeks): Monday, January 9th - Monday, April 17th 2022

Class does not meet on MLK Day or President's Day.

Two series of regular weekly meetings – for workshops and presentations – will bookend Term Two. In between, over a four-week period, each writer will have two formal revision exchanges with instructor and a fellow student while they work on their own to complete their drafts.  

In the second term, you will:

  • Select one story at a time to revise toward publishable quality, based on class feedback and conference with the instructor.
  • Develop a revision plan, using a personalized framework, with multiple opportunities for targeted feedback from both class and instructor.
  • Give a short presentation on what you learned about your craft goal.
  • Celebrate program completion with a reading party.
  • Participate in the Muse and the Marketplace conference, where you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a journal editor or an agent.

End-of-Program Events

  • Reading Party, where each student will read a selection from work they produced in the program term. Refreshments and pre-/post-reading mingling.

  • Build into the program cost is one Manuscript Mart appointment at the Muse and the Marketplace. In 2023, the Muse & the Marketplace will evolve from an annual conference held only once per year into a conference series featuring year-round online and in-person programming. In addition to the Manuscript Mart appointment, students will receive admission to key Muse and the Marketplace programming and events that will be announced in early 2023. Learn more about Muse 2023.

  • Built into the program cost is a 90-minute seminar on putting together and publishing a story collection.

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