"The members of this class are not only talented writers, but they also give very thoughtful feedback. As the weeks have progressed, the feedback has deepened and we easily play off each other's comments. We are not only being prepared to complete a quality manuscript draft, but we are being prepared to write ANYTHING we want from here on out. This program is way more than a single memoir manuscript program." 

- Carroll Sandel

The Students

The ideal student for this program is a mature writer in possession of a complete draft of a literary memoir OR a substantial portion (at least 50 pages) of a memoir. Their intended audience is the literary reader, and while their work is drawn from their own life, they have done the critical developmental and emotional work necessary to make it a fully realized story in its own right. They have paid careful attention to the structure, character development, theme(s) and style of this memoir, they are prepared to receive substantial critical feedback on it and knows it is in need of deep revision. This ideal student has also been an active participant in at least one workshop or writing group at Grub Street or elsewhere and is generally familiar with literary terms used in the workshop process.

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