Schedule & Curriculum

Phase I (Twelve Weeks): September 6th – December 6th, 2023

Class does not meet on October 11th. 

Class meets weekly. Students will:

  • Review the theory and basic tenets of the Writing to Heal genre, outlining guidelines and boundaries, steps and goals. 
  • Review Grub Street’s expectations and policies, and decide, together with the instructor, on specific expectations and guidelines for this particular workshop community.
  • Have one individual meeting with the instructor to outline personalized goals and plans for the program. 
  • Read essays, poems, articles, columns, op-eds and memoir excerpts that demonstrate the transformative power of healing narratives. 
  • Study craft particularly related to this genre, and do weekly in-class writing prompts with on-the-spot feedback. 
  • Create and share a self-care list, which we’ll return to throughout each phase. 
  • Submit two pieces for full-class workshop. 
  • Write a process journal for every workshop submission. 
  • Learn revision guidelines and techniques. 


Phase II (Four Weeks) : January 3rd – January 24th, 2024

Weekly group work and check-ins with instructor. No class meetings. Students will:

  • Spend time on their own either generating new work or revising one or two pieces from Phase I. 
  • Meet in small assigned accountability groups. 
  • Check in with instructor over email for encouragement and trouble-shooting. 


Phase III (Twelve Weeks): February 7th – May 1st, 2024

Class does not meet March 30th.

Class meets weekly. Students will:

  • Workshop new material or revisions from Phase II with the full group.
  • If project-appropriate, polish revised pieces to get them ready for submission.
  • Learn about the publication process for this genre.
  • Have one individual meeting with the instructor to check in on writing goals and progress, and plan next steps.
  • Have the opportunity to hear from and talk with guest authors.
  • Write and share a final process journal for the entire Writing to Heal journey.
  • Potentially participate in a community reading.

Class Times

Classes will take place on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm (EST)

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