Teen Classes

Are you a teen who likes to write poems, stories, novels, or screenplays?

Come find your people! Join GrubStreet’s Young Adult Writers Program (YAWP). YAWP students, ages 13-18, come from high schools all over the greater Boston area. Grub has three types of programs for teens: free Saturday sessions, Teen Writing Camps (most of which take place during school vacations), and a three-week Summer Fellowship program.  

Want to find out more about our teen programs? Join our YAWP mailing list for all the latest news, and read former teen fellow Ruth Ballard's blog on the GrubDaily about why Grub's teen programs have been so important to young writers like her. 

Saturday Sessions

GrubStreet throws its doors open during one Saturday each month, offering FREE creative writing workshops on a variety of topics each time: poetry, fiction, memoir, slam poetry, songwriting, playwriting, and much more! Learn more

Teen Writing Camps

In our intensive 6-week and weeklong camps, students read and discuss published short stories and poems, complete writing exercies, workshop each other's writing, and talk about craft (the tools and techinques in poetry and fiction) alomgside the writing process. Scholarships available. 

YAWP Summer Teen Fellowship

GrubStreet's Summer Teen Fellowship immerses high school students in the writers' world of creative craft and publishing. During three weeks at Grub Street, teens work with published authors on original prose and poetry, meet with literary agents and editors, take field trips to inspirational locales like the ICA, and much more. In the spirit of writers' residencies for adults, all teens will receive a $500 stipend (nearly doubled from last year!) for their commitment to the program, and their time spent as working writers.

Slam Poetry Team

For the fifth year in a row, GrubStreet has formed its own slam poetry team to compete in the 2017 Louder Than A Bomb slam poetry competition. To be a part of 2017's slam team, please check out the audition details here.