Boston Writers of Color

GrubStreet’s Boston Writers of Color Program


In a Nutshell:

GrubStreet’s Boston Writers of Color (BWOC) program focuses on artistic and career development for writers of African, Indigenous, Native, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and Arab heritage in New England and beyond. Founded by author and GrubStreet Instructor, Jonathan Escoffery, this program includes literary support funding, free writing sessions, a network of BIPOC writers and artistic leaders, and a variety of free events that focus on community, artistic growth, and publishing. Our mission is to amplify the work of writers who are often marginalized and systemically undervalued in the existing publishing industry, and we strive for cultural, economic, and financial equity.


BWOC Literary Support Program:

BWOC’s Literary Support Program offers stipends for BIPOC writers to be used for submissions, contests, fellowships, retreats, writing supply expenses, and any other literary opportunities. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and will be reviewed every three weeks at the time of each submitted application. Funding is issued as a Visa or Mastercard e-gift card. Applicants must be in the US, and may reapply every six months/twice a year.


Boston Writers of Color Group:

The Boston Writers of Color (BWOC) group, is a network that consists of over 2,000+ members through Facebook Group, Meetup, and our mailing list. As part of GrubStreet’s BWOC program, writers of color and community members share resources, network, and mutual support. The group aims to provide writers of color with a safe and welcoming space to commune, share their good news or writing struggles, and find their people. Literary opportunities and events in the Facebook Group are posted daily, Meetup is used solely for events, and our newsletter is sent out once a month. Opportunities include writing contests, publications, pitch calls, writing conferences, residencies and retreats, free and paid writing classes, and more.

BWOC Events & Writing Sessions:

BWOC events take place on a monthly basis. Past events have ranged in topics from  “How to Pitch” to “Agent Visits” to “Best practices for submitting your work”.  To learn more and register for upcoming BWOC events and writing sessions, please join the BWOC Facebook Group, Meetup, and/or our mailing list. We share event details and registration links via all of these groups.


How to Join the BWOC Group:


Covid-19 Update:

BWOC offers a mix of both online and in-person events. For in-person BWOC events, GrubStreet requires proof of vaccination and booster to participate. Masks are also currently required for in-person events. We will be following the lead of health experts and the city of Boston, and working alongside other arts organizations in our decision-making regarding in-person classes.

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