Our Mission: 

Stories shape our culture. Only together can we write a more just, connected, and equitable future.

At GrubStreet, we remove barriers — social, financial, and cultural — to the writing world, and provide rigorous artistic guidance in a supportive community. We work to ensure writers of all backgrounds have what they need to develop their voices and share their stories. 

Our Values: 


We actively seek to put writing within easy reach for anyone who wants to pursue their passion. This means we actively break down barriers, dismantle systems of oppression, meet people where they are, and experiment and change with our writers.


We relish our role as a place where people of all backgrounds and ages interested in writing, reading, and learning find each other. Together, we nurture one another’s growth, expansion, and learning as we practice our craft, share our work, and share work we admire.

Literary Excellence:

We support and elevate the craft of writing as a relevant and vital form of expression. We believe in a rigorous, perspective-based, artistic process and in encouraging writers to work hard, to engage with different cultures/models/perspectives, to take risks, and to be bold.

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