Letter From The GrubStreet Board To The Community

Dear GrubStreet Community,
We would like to acknowledge that the past week has been difficult for many in our community. The New York Times piece published last Tuesday has generated a wide range of opinions, questions, emotions, and concerns.
Bluntly, we are appalled by the disconnect between GrubStreet’s stated values and the alleged behavior by some that has come to light. GrubStreet is meant to be a nurturing and supportive environment for all, a place where our creative work can thrive, and where we are each treated with care and respect. The events described in the article do not describe the environment we strive to create for everyone in our community.
As a Board, we take our role seriously. Recognizing that objectivity is paramount, we are engaging an independent expert to lead a process to gather information and conduct a full review of what happened. Our community’s health depends on being grounded in high ethical standards and a culture where we can respectfully engage and embrace different perspectives in an inclusive manner.
We know this situation has been challenging for all involved. We appreciate your patience as we work to address it constructively in the best interests of our wonderful organization.
Thank you for your support,
The GrubStreet Board Executive Committee

If you have questions or comments, please email [email protected]

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