Holiday Gifts for Grubbies (Or What Writers Really Want for the Holidays)

With the arrival of the holidays, writers can expect to receive a bevy of pithy t-shirts, snarky mugs, and bookmarks or plates with inspiring quotes. As much as we love these literary artifacts, wouldn’t it be great to receive gifts that summon your inner muse or help you find an audience for your writing? Here they are, comrades: the five gifts you really want. Now how to slip this list to your loved ones?


Notebook for the Green Geek

For those of you who keep a journal of writing ideas, check out Rocketbook Wave, a notebook similar to Mod with a profound improvement. When you use the Rocketbook Wave notebook and pen combo, you can to write down your ideas and upload them to the cloud yourself via a phone app, and then, when you’re done, erase the notebook by microwaving it and start again. Save your ideas for ever (and a few trees)!


Warm your Hands and Feet

In order to keep the fresh ideas coming, you must keep your digits nimble and receptive, especially during the cold months ahead. Consider a wrist warmer. This wrist warmer is perfect for the Poe-lover. And for your feet, toast up those toes with an under-the-desk foot warming mat.


Regular Installments of Literary Inspiration

This item is a plug for something I invented: Journal of the Month. Sign up to receive a different, current literary journal in your mailbox (the kind with hinges, not bits and bytes). Looking for a home for your writing? Seeking inspiration from the poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction of your contemporaries? Subscribe to Journal of the Month! A good karma bonus: you’ll be supporting the publications that will be the first (also second, third, and fourth) to publish your writing.


Stay in the Publishing Know

What is it this week - print publishing is dying or resurging? Who can keep track of the shifting winds of the publishing world? Fear not: Jane Friedman, Publishing Keynote speaker from Muse and Marketplace 2014, along with Porter Anderson, gather publishing news and trends in a biweekly newsletter geared specifically to the interests of writers. This newsletter is called The Hot Sheet. Become a subscriber!


Organize Your Writing Life

You might be a writer by trade or temperament, but the thing that many writers have the most trouble doing is writing. We’re obsessed with it, but the act of putting pen to paper guts us. Explain that paradox. Or just accept it and ask for help. A writing coach or class can get you over your hurdles, put a schedule in place, and give you accountability. GrubStreet offers writing classes, manuscript consultations, and writing coach services that can help you do the thing you love most. Get a Grub gift certificate and honor two things you value: your devotion to writing and GrubStreet.

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