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Elements of Craft

Context in Fiction

Saturday, October 3rd, from 10:00am-5:00pm
Remote (Live Zoom Meetings)
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Level: For Everyone
Adult (18+)
12 seats max

Do you struggle to offer background information on a character or place without losing narrative momentum? Are you unsure of how to provide social, cultural, or political context while keeping your writing engaging and entertaining? This one-day class will focus on that crucial element for creating socially layered, culturally nuanced, but ultimately accessible stories: context.

We will examine published works by international authors who successfully provide background information as well as social, cultural, or political frameworks without hurting the reader's experience. We will then discuss different approaches we as writers can take to guarantee that this context fits smoothly into the narrative, heightens tension, enriches plot, and deepens characters. Through several exercises, we'll put these approaches into practice, and students will have the opportunity to receive detailed feedback on any specific scenarios they have been struggling with.

The ultimate goal of this class is to provide you with a set of practical tools that can be applied during the drafting and revision of a novel or short story whose world demands social, cultural, or political context—tools that will ensure any information included will serve your plot and characters, and more importantly, appeal to your audience. 

Part of GrubStreet's Elements of Craft series, dedicated to exploring craft issues on a deeper level. For more on this series' offerings, click here.


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