Muse and the Marketplace 2021

After reviewing many options, we’ve decided that we simply cannot host our April 2021 conference in-person without compromising two of our highest values: safety and equity. Even if we could ensure in-person social distancing for our 1,000+ attendees, we know that Grubbies who are age 60+, immunocompromised, and/or in communities of color would shoulder a greater risk in coming — with many simply unable to come altogether. 

We want to host a Muse that *every* Grubbie will feel comfortable attending.

Therefore, we’re bringing you something totally new next spring: The Muse & the Marketplace 2021: An Enhanced Writing Residency.

Will it be the same as past Muses? No. Will it be something new, very cool, and unique? Hell yes. Learn more on the Muse website!