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Some Dos and Don’ts of Writing for Advocacy, Part 2: Writing Letters to Elected Officials

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In her latest post sharing some dos and don'ts about writing for advocacy, instructor Tracy Hahn-Burkett offers helpful tips when writing letters to elected officials. Interested in learning more about writing for advocacy? Join Tracy's upcoming sessions covering Op-Eds on July 24th and Amplifying Your Voice on July 31st. 
How many times have you looked at your local schools, your town, your state or your country and said, “This ought to work differently. Why don’t they [insert your opinion here]?” If you really believe in that opinion, or if you have an idea that you think has merit, why not …
July 12, 2021 | Tracy Hahn-Burkett

Some Dos and Don’ts of Writing for Advocacy

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You have some ideas about how the world — or at least some small piece of it — could be different. No? Are you kidding? You lived through 2020. How can you not? Fortunately, you enjoy picking up your pen, so you’re ahead of the game. You are well equipped to make your views known to people who make the decisions that affect our lives. Below are a few tips on how to do that effectively.


May 14, 2021 | Tracy Hahn-Burkett

A Time for Storytellers: How to Make the Most of Your Superpower

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This is a time for storytellers.


I don’t mean only in the dystopian sense, although that may be the first type of story that comes to mind these days. I mean in a broader sense, an empathetic sense, a “policies and lawmakers must be brought down—or up—to earth and escorted into real lives” sense

October 10, 2017 | Tracy Hahn-Burkett