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How Publicity Helps Writing Careers: A Case Study

At some point, almost every writer asks: How will publicity help my career? 

The truth is, like with so many other writer’s life issues, there is no single answer.  But there are some general scenarios that can help guide our thinking, and this past month I had the privilege of seeing an author I’ve helped live out one of the success stories we all can hope for.

February 5, 2014 | Sharon Bially


Preventing The Bad PR Hangover

By Sharon Bially

Over the past few months I’ve spoken to two authors who’d signed with the same, well-reputed PR firm for a book launch campaign, paid a considerable amount of money and then…nothing. Barely a review or author interview to show for the firm’s initial promises and excitement.

(For the record, this was not one of the wonderful PR firms plugged into the Grub Street or Writer Unboxed community.)

May 22, 2013 | Sharon Bially

Simple Promo Tip: Call Your Book By Its Name

By Sharon Bially

It’s a funny thing, being both the creator of such an intimate and personal product as a book and the one who has to do most of its peddling.  This contradiction -- asking authors to throw what’s often deeply private smack into the public realm for commercial purposes -- can have strange effects on behavior, such as making us go suddenly tongue-tied when we actually have to use that one-line description we’ve practiced ad nauseum. (Sound familiar?)

March 25, 2013 | Sharon Bially

Why You (Really) Need a News Page on Your Web Site

By Sharon Bially

Recently I browsed over to the website of one of my dear author friends, curious to see what sort of press she’d been doing.  To my surprise, the site had a page for her bio, one for her books and another giving information about her freelance work, but absolutely nothing showing where she’d been quoted by or mentioned in the media.

When I asked her about this, her answer was, “Should it?”

February 21, 2013 | Sharon Bially

Guest Post

Why Your Publicist Should Think Like a Novelist

By Sharon Bially

It probably happens each time you sit down to write:  You have a plan, an idea of where you want your story to go.  But as soon as the words start to flow, your idea changes slightly or another one pops into your mind.  Since you’ll be obsessed with it unless you at least explore it, your plan has to change.

This is a lot like the process good publicists go through when planning and leading a campaign

January 23, 2013 | Sharon Bially

Guest Post