SECRET COLUMN: Snippets from a novel I’ll never write (part 2)

Among the hundreds of pages of documents at her disposal, the myriad confusing and contradictory manuscripts, there was one that Joan kept coming back to, that seemed to contain the key to understanding what had happened, to constructing a coherent history of that storied place. It centered on Montiel's kitchen, on the question of what happened there. Of who died in the straight-backed kitchen chair, the steel string from the viola wrapped around his neck, and who walked away, lost within the maze of streets, waging a war that eventually, mysteriously, wiped a city off of history's map.

April 19, 2011 | Ron MacLean


Snippets from a novel I'll never write (part 1)

Montiel believed the streets would save him, the grid of pungent, scorching pavement which he had designed, the maze of roads without names where entire families live for generations as nomads. Edward Clare the second, Montiel's ancient friend and one of the few outside the Keepers of the Grid to know that Montiel was alive, called to warn him of the Khan's arrival.

Marco hesitated only long enough so that when he left his post and rang the warning bell it came a fraction of a moment too late, so that when Edward Clare pulled the lever that ...

April 11, 2011 | Ron MacLean