Family Secrets as Fiction

Some of our country’s greatest novels are about seriously broken family relationships and tragically flawed personalities. Given that, it makes sense for one to look to their own family as a source of inspiration to write great fiction, but what are the boundaries and taboos? Which stories are fair game vs

November 29, 2013 | Rosanna Fay

Guest Post

Book Promotion = Sausage-Making?

There’s an old axiom that says “if you like sausages, you should never see them being made” – probably true of a lot of foods actually.  Is it also true about the launch of a book, the making of an author? I wonder.

My process of releasing and promoting a book has been fairly ugly at times, and it terrifies me that I am making so much sausage so very publicly. Even though I’ve always been a wear-my-heart-on-my sleeve kind of person, I wonder if I’m sharing too much – if the blunders I’ve made have been exposed to the very people I am trying to impress.

July 29, 2013 | Rosanna Fay