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A Paint-by-Numbers Guide to Curing Writers' Block

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Struggling with writers’ block?

Lists can help us get specific, detailed, honest, outrageous, silly, wild, uncontrolled, irreverent.  They can help us break out of narrative habits and our tendencies to say no to the weird and unexpected. This is an exercise inspired by my work as a core member of Project: Project, an ensemble theatre company, which recently produced Shiver: A Fairytale of Anxious Proportions in June. Hopefully, it will help you find something unique, intriguing, something that feels right, something that feels wrong.  Feel free to adapt this technique as necessary to the project you’ve been feeling ...

August 5, 2015 | Nina Morrison

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Three Essential Ingredients For Being A Playwright

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Grub instructor Nina Morrison shares her key ingredients for writing new plays. Find your own essentials this August in Nina's Playwriting Intensive course!

September 29, 2014 | Nina Morrison

Craft Advice Different ways to learn to be a better writer

6 Ways to Give Yourself Weekly Writing Tasks When Writing New (Short) Plays

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by Nina Louise Morrison

The short play format is as tricky as it is rewarding.  What is it?  A monologue? A joke?  A simple decision with larger consequences? Is it a choreo-poem? A tableau? A tweet?  Short plays are a wonderful way to test the limits of both form and content. And opportunities for short plays abound

December 18, 2013 | Nina Morrison

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