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The past weekend, we Launch Labbers had our last session together. We reviewed what we had learned and discussed future goals, then we had one final guest speaker visit us before we parted ways. The always entertaining, best-selling author, Jenna Blum, joined us, and I don't think that I am the only one who left her talk feeling totally jazzed.

After Jenna gave us a run down of all the things she did to market and publicize her books (talking to every book club she could find, making t-shirts, using social media to its fullest), she gave us a writing exercise. 

December 17, 2014 | Nadine Johnstone

The Writing Life

Writers Who Relocate: 12 Tips for Getting Teaching Gigs in a New City

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I teach. A lot. I teach at writing centers, universities, online. I don’t have family members in academia, and I have moved around a bit, so I’ve gotten these jobs with a limited number of connections. Because I don’t have a tenure-track position, sometimes I have to assemble different jobs into a “full-time” job. Yes, instructors, especially adjuncts, are under-paid and under-benefitted

November 19, 2014 | Nadine Johnstone

The Writing Life

Writers Who Relocate: On Finding Community

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There were a million other things to focus on: parenting, work, loading the dishwasher, oh and moving halfway across the country. Grub Street's Launch Lab application deadline came at the worst time. Where in my day of working full time, spending quality time with my son, unpacking boxes, and fighting with the internet company was I going to sit down and fill out the forms? So I didn’t, and I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be missing anything, that it wasn’t worth all the effort

October 15, 2014 | Nadine Johnstone

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Writers Who Relocate: On Loving the New and Missing the Old

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Last winter, when my son was seven-months-old, I made a decision—the same decision I had made six years prior—to move halfway across the country.


Six years ago it was much easier. I was 24, lived in a studio apartment, and had only enough belongings to fit in the trunk of my black Chevy Cavalier. I was untethered. I had just finished grad school, had completed a rough draft of my novel, and had a great reason to move from Illinois to Massachusetts: love

September 17, 2014 | Nadine Johnstone

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