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Writing Conferences Can Be Joyous or Stressful Depending On How You Approach Them

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The first time I went to a writing conference, I was a neophyte. I wore my heart on my sleeve and told nearly anyone who would listen how I was writing a memoir about losing my brother and wanted to get it published.

I probably had that look my dog Bernie gets when he wants a piece of the salmon I’m eating for dinner. Please, please. Please, please be my agent or please give me a book contract.

Linda Wertheimer

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Writing about Religion Can Open Eyes

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GrubStreet instructor Linda K. Wertheimer's experience with religious intolerance as a child inspired her to explore the climate of intolerance today. Here, she writes on the importance of writing about all religions, especially in a politically turbulent time. Don't miss Linda's class, Writing About Religion, starting January 8th.

November 22, 2016 | Linda Wertheimer

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Finding Courage to Write About Religion

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           Editor's note: Put Wertheimer's advice into practice in her upcoming class, Writing About Religion. There are still a few spots left -- click here for more info!

February 4, 2015 | Linda Wertheimer

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