Slaying Genre: Doing Battle With Monsters or, An Interview With Grub Author Bracken MacLeod

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Many folks ask me why I choose to teach at Grub Street. I could give a million answers, but it all boils down to the people. The writers with whom I work are astoundingly talented, giving human beings who genuinely care about writing, who bring their incredible energy to every project.

Bracken MacLeod is an amazingly talented writer and I knew he would be a star from the moment he stepped into my classroom four years ago

June 19, 2014 | KL Pereira


Do You Remember When We Used To Sing?

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   This week we're presenting a non-fiction essay from GrubStreet instructor KL Pereira.

“You’re like two peas of a pod,” Mamacita would say, shaking her blonde hair at us from the other side of cab, the light coming through the windshield haloing her head, while we growled out Crazy Train or Ironman. She preferred Olivia Newton John.

    Daddy, who loved Ozzy, was famous for his lazy Bob Dylan hum, which he employed not when Dylan was rasping on the radio, but whenever he didn’t know the words.

April 17, 2014 | KL Pereira

The Writing Life

Slaying Genre: Chris Irvin's Federales

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Full disclosure: not only is Chris Irvin a former Grub student of mine, he’s a fantastic writer and person. Irvin is also a noir powerhouse. As an editor at Shotgun Honey with credits in Weird Noir, Noir Carnival, and many other badass publications, Irvin knows his gumshoes and his dames from a good double-cross. His latest novella, Federales, takes a look into the gritty world of Marcos Camarena, an ex-agent turned body guard for Eva Santos, a politician who despite threats on her life, is trying to stop drug violence

April 2, 2014 | KL Pereira


Slaying Genre: Ghost Season

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It’s almost that time. Next week, we stuff ourselves to bursting and look toward the flash and familial insanity that ends the year with an overabundance of tinsel, torn wrapping paper, and midnight champagne toasts. For many of us, it feels bittersweet, especially because this time of year is so haunted with the people, places, and expectations we’ve left behind (or have left us behind).

November 21, 2013 | KL Pereira

Inspiration Secret The Writing Life weekly columns

Slaying Genre: Gasp! Erotic Horror!

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Hello, there! Those who know me know that I’m obsessed with horror (looking at the content of my column, it’s not a great shock). Many folks are just getting to know that I also adore erotica, and that, in fact, I write erotic horror under a pen name for the fabulous Go Deeper Press. For the whys, check out this post.

October 17, 2013 | KL Pereira