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Part of Me Does Not Want to Describe Kimbilio to Anyone. It’s Too Precious to Share With Outsiders.

This summer, GrubStreet instructor Jonathan Escoffery found much more than a workshop at the Kimbilio retreat for writers of the African Diaspora. Describing that transformative week to his white peers, however, was not always a positive experience.


September 7, 2017 | Jonathan Escoffery

The Writing Life

Why Are Boston Writers Special? They'll Tell You What They Know

Groups of writers can be competitive, cagey, and unwilling to share what they know, but when Grub Instructor Jonathan Escoffery came to Boston, he found the supportive community he'd been looking for. Teen writers can catch Jonathan in person on Saturday, October 21st, in his YAWP class, Publishing Your Short Work: Submission Tips to Get Your Work Out There! This essay was originally published by The Writers' Room of Boston, where Jonathan is the 2017 Ivan Gold Fellow.


When I arrived in Boston three years ago, it was my second cross-country move as an adult. The first took me ...

August 4, 2017 | Jonathan Escoffery

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Fern Gully

June 13, 2017 | Jonathan Escoffery

In Defense of the Second Person

Traditionally rejected in workshop spaces as distracting, or interrogative, the second person in fiction finds its defender in Grub Instructor Jonathan Escoffery. You can catch Jonathan in person on Saturday, June 17th, in his free workshop, Misunderstood: Inverting the Workshop Model (register here). This essay was originally published by The Writers' Room of Boston


Lately, I’ve been questioning the use of the second person point of view in fiction. The you pronoun features prominently in my collection, but as I work on what I hope will be the manuscript’s final story, I’m finding myself overly conscious ...

June 1, 2017 | Jonathan Escoffery

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The Death of a Great Vol. 8: Kimbo Slice (1974-2016)

It might seem like tempting fate to run a memorial series while we’re only halfway through the year, but Grub staffers are not known for their superstitions (we’re known for our underwater basket-weaving). With the loss of so many cultural luminaries in the first half of 2016, writers in the Grub community and beyond needed time and distance to process what those collective losses meant to them

July 26, 2016 | Jonathan Escoffery