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In Pursuit of the Perfect Logline

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Recent Novel Incubator graduate Julie Carrick Dalton interviews Lane "The Logline Whisperer" Shefter Bishop--director, producer, and Muse & the Marketplace presenter--about how to reduce a whole novel to one pitch-perfect sentence.

June 30, 2017 | Julie Dalton

The Writing Life

Creative Crying: The Upside of Getting Emotional While Writing

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I sat alone in my local coffee shop, like I do so often. Large latte, 2% milk. A table near an outlet for my laptop. Twenty minutes in, tears streamed down my cheeks. If someone looked my way, I faked a sneeze, pretending I had a cold.

I had just killed someone I loved, and I couldn’t contain my guilt—or my grief.

Just to be clear, the deceased was a character in my novel

February 18, 2016 | Julie Dalton

Guest Post