Meet Kelly J. Ford, Author of 'Real Bad Things'

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This post was originally published on Dead Darlings, a blog about novel writing run by alumni of GrubStreet's Novel Incubator program.


In Kelly J. Ford’s gripping Southern noir, Real Bad Things, Jane Mooney returns to her Arkansas hometown after a body that might be the abusive stepfather she confessed to murdering 25 years ago surfaces in a river. The police were never able to charge her with a crime, and now Jane must uncover the truth and face the trauma of her past. Real Bad Things digs deep into the hearts and souls …

September 15, 2022 | Emily Ross

Emily Ross Talks to John Vercher, Author of Three-Fifths

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This interview was originally published on Dead Darlings

Emily Ross, Novel Incubator alum and author of Half in Love with Death, recently interviewed John Vercher about his novel, Three-Fifths
Emily Ross

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