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Bare Bones: Choosing What Is Essential, In Writing And In Life

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I had a 1500 word essay that I wanted to turn into a 500 word essay in order for it to fit into a specific online blog. Cutting out two thirds of a piece of writing may sound a bit daunting to some, but I loved the challenge of this. Actually, I both loved and hated it. It took me a fair amount of time and effort for sure, but it was well worth it. The fun of it was that I had to make every word count

November 3, 2014 | Dana Laquidara

Craft Advice

Don't Read Me

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By Dana Laquidara

I was in our outdoor shower this morning, my mind wandering to several years ago when I wrote a monthly column for a newspaper. A bumblebee joined me mid thought, all buzzing and hyperactive, drawing my attention outward, which is sometimes a good thing for me. I surrendered to the moment at hand, choosing to stay in the shower with the bee who stopped swarming my head sometime after the shampoo but before the conditioner. My thoughts returned to the newspaper days, and how, during those three or four years of writing for it, I had ...

July 1, 2014 | Dana Laquidara

The Writing Life

What Makes Your Heart Catch?

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I first discovered I loved to write when I was about seven years old.  My sister and I were housebound and arguing on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Our father called the two of us into his office where he was correcting high school English papers. He handed us each a pad of paper and a pen and said “Write a story”.

This ignited something in me, something not yet accessed as a young child.  I always had a vivid imagination and was content to let my mind wander for hours.   But on this rainy day so ...

March 3, 2014 | Dana Laquidara

The Writing Life