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Writers of Color Finally At the Center of the Conversation

GrubStreet's Writers of Color group was formed to create a forum for and build community among writers who are underrepresented in the publishing industry. Head of Faculty and Curriculum Dariel Suarez reflects on the group's recent session, "Who Gets to Write What?", a moderated discussion on cultural appropriation. Click here for more information about GrubStreet's Writers of Color Group.

November 4, 2016 | Dariel Suarez

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A Story from Film: How Cinema Can Help the Writer

While I was attending the MFA program at Boston University, then-director Leslie Epstein required us to visit the Museum of Fine Arts and write a response to a painting of our choosing. He brought an opera excerpt from The Marriage of Figaro to class and played it for us. Lastly, he assigned us to watch Marcel Carné’s cinematic masterpiece Les Enfant du Paradis. Leslie’s philosophy was that a writer should immerse himself in art, especially the kind that has survived the test of time

March 11, 2016 | Dariel Suarez

How to Tackle the Big Picture: The Building Blocks of Fiction

Every other Wednesday morning I meet with a friend who is working on a screenplay, assisting him with matters of craft such as dialogue, character development, description, etc. My friend doesn’t have a lot of experience in the writing profession, though he did originally have—and has ultimately produced—a terrific story. The questions he presents to me often challenge me to think deeply about my own approach to the creative process; even though he’s in some ways a beginner writer, his project demands the level of attention and toil of a full-length work, and he has high aspirations for it.  ...

June 22, 2015 | Dariel Suarez

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