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Retype Your Story from Scratch. Seriously.

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Revising a short story is notoriously difficult. After the trials of the first draft, you’re left with the disheartening prospect of reordering it, deepening it, polishing it—and God knows what else. Faced with this challenge, most writers rightfully stress the importance of focusing on what you have, capitalizing on the work you’ve done so far, slowly improving it step by step. Approaching revision in this way is extremely helpful. First you handle the characters, then the structure, then the dialogue etc. Clearly, this makes things more manageable.

September 22, 2014 | Cam Terwilliger

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Readings For Writers: Pick of the Week

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Every week, a member of the Grub community recommends a book they find helpful or inspirational from a craft perspective. This week, instructor Cam Terwilliger recommends a favorite short story. 

August 1, 2014 | Cam Terwilliger

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Digging in at the Archive

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By Cam Terwilliger

In early December I discovered the email I’d been anticipating for months, now lurking in my inbox. It was the response to my application for a creative research fellowship at The American Antiquarian Society (AAS), a library of historical documents in Worcester, MA. I hesitated, unsure I wanted to know the results. Since 2007, I’d been working on (and struggling with) a novel set during The French and Indian War, a story I’d also peppered with elements of Faustian black magic, a decision that led me to refer to it as my “Satanic Last ...

April 5, 2011 | Cam Terwilliger

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