9 Ways Writers Can Use Pinterest

By Celeste Ng

Ah, Pinterest.  Facebook is the popular kid, Twitter is the cool kid, LinkedIn is the guy with a bowtie handing out business cards, and Google+ is the dorky one over in the corner—but when it comes to social media, most of us don’t give Pinterest a second thought.

Maybe we should. In July 2013, Pinterest hit 70 million users, with 1.7 billion monthly pageviews, and it’s only three years old.  The past year saw an over 60% rise in web traffic referrals, and social media experts are well aware of its increasing potential ...

November 25, 2013 | Celeste Ng

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Everything Has a Name (or, How Gardening Made Me a Better Writer)

By Celeste Ng

Recently I read an anecdote about Nabokov: a student asked if he had any talent, and Nabokov pointed to the window and asked him to identify the tree outside.  When the student came up blank, Nabokov dismissed him: “You’ll never be a writer.”

For a long time I would have heartily disagreed, if only out of wounded pride.  I, too, probably would have come up blank.  My current neighborhood in Cambridge is full of gardeners; when I walk to the T it’s like strolling through one long arboretum. But we weren’t members of the ...

May 27, 2013 | Celeste Ng

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