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Genre Feeding Genre: A Novelist’s Adventures in Screenwriting

By Catherine Elcik

I never considered myself an obsessive compulsive writer until I was told on the first day of Grub Street’s intro to screenwriting class that much of the world building I love to do as a novelist was an unnecessary drag on the narrative flow of my screenplay.

What do you mean you don’t need to know the exact shade of rust in the carpeting in the hallway

April 18, 2013 | Catherine Elcik


How I Spent My Nano Vacation

by Catherine Elcik

In October, I was somewhat wearily embarking on the umpteenth revision of my novel in progress when my protagonist zigged even though the current draft kind of revolved around his zagging. A mature response would have been to feel grateful that I’d spied the flaw and start whistling while I began reworking the book…again.  Instead, I gave my laptop the finger.

But, really, who could blame me?

December 3, 2012 | Catherine Elcik

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The Way Back—Affordable Space and Time for Your Writing

When I was little, my family owned a white station wagon whose back seats spent most of their lives folded down to create a rolling play space my sister and I dubbed “the way back.” On raucous days, we sat in the center of that way back with our legs hugged to our chests and begged our Dad to launch us into a tumbling giggle fit by a combination of swerving and slamming the brakes (the laws about child passengers were a wee laxer then)

October 5, 2012 | Catherine Elcik

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