GrubStreet works to remove social, cultural, and institutional barriers in order to facilitate and support an expansive and equitable artistic ecosystem where all voices thrive and where storytelling flourishes. This mission is essential because our collective voices have the power to shape a more just and connected world by revealing truths, transforming lives, and deepening human understanding.
Writers helping writers.
All writers need insightful readers, inspiration, support, and honest feedback. That’s what GrubStreet provides, in a supportive and thriving community. We offer over six hundred classes and events a year for writers of all genres and ambitions—from first-time poets or fledgling memoirists to MFA graduates and published novelists.
What's our secret?
Writing matters.
HOW Writers come to GrubStreet to learn how to be better writers. They engage deeply with the craft, receive objective feedback on their work, revise with intention, read actively and widely, and strive for artistic excellence in all the work they produce.
WHY Creative writing explores and documents the human condition and creates meaning in the lives of those who practice it. We believe the act of writing can change both ourselves and the world.
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Something for everyone.
GrubStreet is open to writers from all walks of life and at every stage of development. We welcome everyone from absolute beginners to emerging or established writers.

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