For Teens
In-Person: Seaport

Young Adult Writers Program (YAWP): Coming Home: Writing Nostalgia, Childhood, and Cultural Identity

Saturday, February 11th from 12:00pm - 3:00pm
In-Person: Seaport
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Level: Teens
Teen (13-18)
25 seats max

Class Description:

Where and under what conditions we grow up make “home” both a physical and emotional space fraught with complexities and confusion about how we understand our cultural identities in relation to ourselves, our families, our peers, and society at large. Our racial and ethnic identities carry histories and cultures that we should be proud to have been born with, but the harmful reality of racism, xenophobia, and intergenerational trauma are inseparable from how individuals are shaped, from formative childhood years and onwards. How can we use the tools of creative writing to express and make sense of these experiences and their affects on us, and if they are too close to share, why try writing about them in the first place?

In this workshop, we will read excerpts from BIPOC writers of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry who write from their lived experiences to form perspectives and characters that look back on their youth, and how race, ethnicity, culture and family history are essential to these narratives. We’ll identify literary techniques across these genres and their varied effects, and learn strategies for writing personal stories that prioritize your well-being over the work. For writers age 13 - 18 ONLY.


Students will leave with a draft or the start to a description, scene, or poem and a framework for understanding and writing creatively about their lived experiences grappling with cultural identity.

Class Format:

This class will take place in-person at our Center for Creative Writing in Boston's Seaport neighborhood. 

Space Accessability:

Our space is fully ADA accessible with automatic door openers, ADA compliant restrooms, desk and table spacing, braille signage, and elevator. Our classrooms can be equipped with ALS for hard of hearing individuals. We cannot guarantee a scent-free environment. For more accessibility requests, please contact our Operations team at [email protected] or (617) 695-0075.

Covid-19 Updates:

GrubStreet is a mask-friendly space. When our community Covid risk level is low or medium, masks are optional. We are currently at a medium community risk level, so this offering is: mask optional. If our community Covid-19 risk level becomes high, we will follow the CDC recommendations and require masks within our space. Learn more about our Covid-19 Policy here.

Registration Instructions:

  • If the student is under 18, parents/guardians must complete this permission form online. You only need to fill this form out ONE TIME, NOT for every class. If you cannot remember whether you have already filled it out, please email [email protected] and we will check for you! If you do not complete this form, your registrations could be voided and the cancellation policy will apply.
  • If the student is 18, simply let us know by emailing [email protected]
  • If you are registering on behalf of a student, add their email in the “For a Friend or Child?” field on the right-hand side of the screen at check out. This will send them a direct link and reminder to create their own profile with GrubStreet.
  • Please register with your preferred name :)


***If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] We’re looking forward to writing with you this spring!***

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