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With The 7am Novelist, Author Michelle Hoover Embarks On A 50-Day Writing Challenge This October — And You're Invited!

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Have you ever just wanted to do something that might lighten all the bad news?

When my mother died in January, she had been a writer too, publishing poems, essays, and plays. She’d worked on a novel for more than thirty years. But she didn’t have the connections

Michelle Hoover

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How to Write in an Age of Anxiety

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This article was originally published on Dead Darlings 


Michelle Hoover, Novel Incubator instructor and author of Bottomlandshares some of her tips to help get you back to your writing desks during this time and calm the nerves just enough to concentrate for an hour or two or more.

April 7, 2020 | Michelle Hoover

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An Interview with Dawn Tripp, Author of Georgia: A Novel of Georgia O'Keeffe

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Dawn Tripp is a favorite among Boston-area writers and readers—and for good reason. I first met her at the Boston Book Festival where I moderated a fiction panel we quickly dubbed “Three Blondes and a Brit.” There we were: James MacManus, author of the acclaimed forthcoming Midnight in Berlin, Holly LeCraw, best-selling author of The Half Brother, Tripp, who nailed the Massachusetts Book Award with her second novel, and me. Though I hadn’t met Dawn before or known her books, she had such an open-armed kind of warmth, and such a passion for other writers and their work, …

February 25, 2016 | Michelle Hoover

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An Interview with Alexander Chee, Author of The Queen of the Night

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Alexander Chee’s second novel, The Queen of the Night, has topped nearly every “2016 must-read” list that flooded the Internet in January, and the response to each was ecstatic. Chee is not only a writer’s writer, but a great friend to writers

February 12, 2016 | Michelle Hoover

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The Making of a Good Writing Workshop Citizen: A Crash Course in Humanity, Bullet-Point Style

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Michelle Hoover, Instructor for Grub's Novel Incubator program, is a verified expert in the field of writerly etiquette. Here, she offers her best advice on workshop citizenship and shows us exactly how she keeps the Incubator classroom a supportive space for writers. 


It seems like a recipe for torture

February 9, 2016 | Michelle Hoover

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