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“Provided an opportunity for our team to connect and for our shared voice to really shine through in our work. It was a great experience!” Strategy Matters, consulting group

Transform Your Company Through Story: 

Did you know information delivered as a story is 22 times more memorable than facts alone? Though not every PowerPoint or company-wide memo needs to be a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s no secret, according to Forbes, that storytelling is a vital tool for business growth and that employees who struggle with it can lose out on critical leadership skills and offer fewer competitive advantages for your company. 

What We Do: 

GrubStreet’s workplace writing program teaches creative storytelling skills that directly translate into inspiring leadership and increased business value

Imagine the impact of delivering an unforgettable product pitch with real stakes, training employees through inspiring tales teaching organizational values, or giving a company update that resonates emotionally and motivates your team.

We provide the tools and strategies to transform ordinary workplace communication into engaging, persuasive stories for fields as far ranging as science and technology, consulting, business, research, marketing, HR, and more.

Who We Are: 

GrubStreet is the nation's leading center for creative writing with over 25 years of experience teaching creative writing workshops. Our students have gone on to publish bestsellers, win awards, and receive critical acclaim. 

What’s Our Secret?  

We bring the same fun, artistic experience of a GrubStreet class to your office, in-person or remotely.  

All writers need insightful readers, inspiration, encouragement, and honest feedback. That’s where we come in. Our instructors are talented working writers and teachers, dedicated to being rigorous and supportive. 

Through the collaborative format of our writing workshops, your team will also learn how to give the kind of productive feedback that leads to an innovative company culture. 

Our workplace workshops are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether or not they consider themselves writers, and are offered in a variety of topics and formats, including multi-week courses and one-off three-hour sessions. 

Sample Classes: 

Writing Together: Narrative Techniques  In our signature program, learn the fundamentals and compelling power of narrative techniques for efficient, engaging, and persuasive communication.

Your Team's Story: Building Collaboration Through Writing  Create clear, communal tools for writing or presentations that tell compelling stories to engage or persuade an audience.

Jumpstart Your Creativity!  Boost your team's creativity through fun activities and exercises that will also improve the quality of overall work communications.

Learn more about our workplace packages. 

Work With Us: 

Schedule a workplace writing workshop at your company by filling out our short request form. Your answers will help GrubStreet assess if the workplace writing program is a fit for you and your team's needs and interests. 

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