Our Times, Our Stories

In a Nutshell

Each year, GrubStreet presents a new "Our Times, Our Stories" program, a unique series offering writers a platform to engage deeply with pressing issues of the day. Through free and reduced-cost classes, we explore multiple genres and styles of writing centered on a contemporary theme and publish a free e-book and print anthology that's filled with captivating pieces crafted in these workshops.

2023-24 Theme: Our Planet, Our Stories

This fall, in the "Our Planet, Our Stories" series, we're focusing on the urgent climate crisis. How can we write with specificity about an omnipresent problem? How might we harness the power of words to imagine futures within radically changed landscapes? And how can we, as writers, contribute meaningfully to the global discourse around climate change? Dive into these questions and more with our upcoming classes:

Scholarships are available! 

Past Anthologies

In the fall of 2022, in response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, GrubStreet offered six free and reduced-cost nonfiction classes titled "Your Body, Your Story" to provide a platform for writers to explore and express their experiences surrounding pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, and reproductive justice. 

Our Bodies, Our Stories is the inaugural collection of essays and poems that emerged from this series. 

The anthology represents a diverse range of voices, honoring the lived experiences, emotions, and perspectives that shape the vast landscape of pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, and reproductive justice narratives.

To make the anthology accessible to all, Our Bodies, Our Stories can be read for free online.


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