Teen Weekly Summer Writing Prompt!

Bored on a summer afternoon? Want to flex your writing creativity? These weekly prompts might help create some inspirational ideas! Check back every Monday for a new one. 

Week of 8/12: 

Reflect back on your summer experiences thus far. What is the best thing that happened to you or that you did this summer? Write as if it’s happening right now, paying close attention to the five senses and incorporating tons of sensory detail.

Week of 8/2:

Go to a well-populated public place (a park, coffee shop, beach, mall, etc.) and find a comfortable place to sit. In an unobtrusive (totally not creepy) way, observe  and “people watch” for a few minutes or so. Focus on one person, or maybe two, or maybe a family. What’s their name(s)? Where are they from? What’s their background story? What does a typical day look like for them? Why are they where they are at this moment? Use their actions as inspiration for your next character and write a story or poem that incorporates this character you just created!

Week of 7/29:

Write a poem or short story addressing your hometown. Address the hometown directly by using its name, using “you,” or asking questions. Write about your best memories...or your worst memories. Write about everything in your hometown that bothers you. Write about why it’s the best place on Earth. No matter how much you may despise it, you’ll always love it, right? Let that be seen without saying it.

Week of 7/22:

There’s a wedding cake on the side of Route 128. What happened? How’d it get there? Who’s responsible?

Week of 7/15:

On a nice day this week, go outside. Sit in the grass; feel the sun on your face. Just be for a few minutes. Then imagine if there were no humans around; imagine if they never existed. Write from the perspective of an organism from whatever environment you’re in.

Week of 7/8:

Find a random book. Open it to a random page. Without looking, put your finger on a random word. Use that word as the first word to your story about heartbreak.

Week of 7/1:

What’s the first thing you remember? That is, what is the first memory you have about yourself as a young child? What happened? Who was there? Where were you? Why do you remember it all these years later? Write about what could’ve happened but didn’t. Write about everything going differently than how you remember it. Write about it from another person’s perspective that may have been there. Would it have any effect on your life now?

Week of 6/24:

They say “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” While this may be true (or maybe not!), write about how green the grass is on your side of the fence. That is, write about everything marvelous in your life. Write about how wondrous it is to be alive.

Week of 6/17:

Write your entire life story in one page. Don’t forget to include anything that is important in order to understand the real you. Really.