Slam Poetry Team

Audition for GrubStreet's Slam Poetry Team

Audition Details

Date: Saturday, Dec. 8th, 2 to 5 PM

Where? GrubStreet HQ--162 Boylston Street, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02116

Tips for auditioning: Each student will need 3 poems (memorization is ideal, but not required) to compete, with no more than 3 minutes to perform each poem (the shorter, the better, as your score will be penalized for going over the time limit). We will have a panel of slam poetry judges that will give scores after each performance. If you have any questions, please email

For more about Louder Than A Bomb, check out this trailer for a recent documentary that chronicles four teams as they compete in the first ever Louder Than A Bomb slam poetry competition.


Register for the auditions here.

What to Expect:
Each poet will read twice and be scored by a panel of judges (Judges: TBA). The cumulative score of both poems will be your final score. Poets with the highest cumulative scores will make the team.

What To Bring:
You will need 3 poems. You will perform and be scored on two poems. The third poem is to be used in case of a tie. (Note: For the Grub competition, you will not have to have your poem memorized, but it will help to do so. However, if you make the team, you will need your pieces memorized by the time of the LTAB Preliminary Competition).

The Team:
We will select 5 team members.

Team Requirements:

  • Memorize 3 of your individual poems and the team pieces
  • Be available to attend the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of rehearsals and ALL competition dates. (If you make the team, we'll go over the dates once LTAB releases them. If you can't make the rehearsals/competition dates, then we'll discuss using an alternate/runner up from the auditions.)
  • Set up conference times via phone or Skype with the team coach and other team members
  • Provide feedback to fellow team members
  • Work well with others


Quick Glance at Competition Schedule (Details TBD):

[We will post specific dates/times/locations once LTAB makes them available.]

Festival Kick-Off, Orientation, and Preliminaries

Crossing the Street Opening Ceremonies - Saturday, April 7th, 11:00am to 5:00pm 

Preliminaries - Saturday, April 14th & Sunday, April 15th, 11:00am to 8:00pm 

​LTAB Semi Finals 
Monday, April 23rd, 7:00pm

​LTAB Team Finals   
Saturday, April 28th, doors at 6:00pm, show at 7:00pm
*The top 4 teams from the entire festival compete for the state championship. The evening will also include highlight performances, awards and a special VIP reception (details to come)


Details from LTAB


Two-Day Preliminaries: We are adding (open to the public) workshops, side event readings and (LTAB youth-only) turn up (after party) session on Saturday, per request. An agenda will be released with registration and a more detailed schedule of events will be released closer to the festival.

Indies and Indie Finals: MassLEAP is introducing Indies into the Louder Than A Bomb festival. Young people between the ages of 13-19 whose high schools or community organizations do not already (and have never before) had a team can enter the festival as individuals and perform in preliminaries. High scoring individuals will have the chance to compete alongside the highest scoring poets from LTAB teams in Indie Finals. The registration fee for individuals is $25 each.

Brave New Voices: This year, we hope to open this opportunity to all of the teams that participate in the Louder Than A Bomb Festival. The top 10 - 15 scoring performers from preliminaries will be asked to compete in Indie Finals, the top four scoring poets from Indie Finals will be invited to take part on Mass LEAP's Brave New Voices Team as we travel to Washington DC this July. Depending on fundraising and geographic diversity, MassLEAP may add 1-2 additional poets (in addition to the four indie finalists) to be on this year’s team.

Alex Charalambides
Managing Director, Mass L.E.A.P.
Co-Coordinator, Louder than a Bomb Massachusetts