Other Services

Coaching, Personal Advising and Other Services

Personal Writing "Coaching"
Ongoing planning, deadline-setting, reading, and consulting as desired.

Intensive Line-Editing
Sentence- and paragraph-level suggestions for the narrative, which may include specific advice on dialogue, tone, diction, description, voice, pace, etc.

Author Research Assistance
Experienced librarian providing tailored research support in historic, biographic, geographic, etc. background for content and character development, fact checking, article retrieval, and any additional research assistance requested.

Career Planning for Writers
Planning, strategizing, and advising to reach your long-term writing goals.

Self-Publishing Guidance
For those considering or embarking on self-publishing. Consultant will help you navigate through the many available options to result in the best-written self-published book possible.

Author Website Production
Guidance and feedback on how to create a strong online persona for your website, from creation to content.

Preparing the MFA Application
Guidance on preparing MFA applications, including comprehensive feedback on the writing sample, a list of recommended programs based on the writer's interests and style, and other tailored suggestions for submitting the strongest application possible. 

Submitting to Literary Magazines
Guidance on submissions to print and/or online literary magazines, including comprehensive feedback on the piece and a list of recommended literary magazines and journals based on the writer's interests and style of work.

Submitting to Agencies and/or Editors
Guidance on submitting to agencies and/or editors, including comprehensive feedback on the first pages of a book-length manuscript and query letter, revision suggestions, recommendations for how to make the submission "sell" the manuscript most strongly, and at the consultant's discretion, a list of recommended agents and/or editors to submit to, based on the writer's interests and style of work.

Submitting Nonfiction Book Proposals
For those who have formulated a book proposal (30-70 pages) including an overview, market analysis, publicity section, author bio, chapter outlines, sample chapters, clips, etc. Consultation provides help with the following: refining, developing, and editing all of the above; honing the market analysis and positioning; choosing most effective sample material; polishing the submission package, and advice on approaching agents.

Applying for Awards, Fellowships, Conferences, and Retreats
Guidance on applying for various awards, fellowships, conferences and retreats, including comprehensive feedback on a story or poetry series to be submitted, and tailored suggestions for submitting the strongest application possible.

...And more! Each consultant offers a variety of other services, which you can find listed on their profile.

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