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The Making of a Good Writing Workshop Citizen: A Crash Course in Humanity, Bullet-Point Style

Michelle Hoover, Instructor for Grub's Novel Incubator program, is a verified expert in the field of writerly etiquette. Here, she offers her best advice on workshop citizenship and shows us exactly how she keeps the Incubator classroom a supportive space for writers. 


It seems like a recipe for torture

February 9, 2016 | Michelle Hoover

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Lit Hits: What We're Reading in February

Here at Grub HQ, we're always talking about the books that keep us up at night, the novels we can't put down, the memoirs that call to us over our morning coffees. Every month, we'll share our staff's latest literary obsessions to add to your own never-ending reading list.


Literary Cultural District Coordinator Larry is reading M Train by Patti Smith. Though not as linearly narrative as Just Kids, another book by Smith that he read last month, is it lyrical and very moving. 

February 8, 2016 | Grub Daily

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How to Successfully Screw Up Your Search for a Literary Agent

By Katrin Schumann

There’s so much helpful information out there about getting an agent. Spend a few hours trawling sites and you’ll have a good sense of the do’s and don’ts. But there’s enough conflicting advice that at some point you're likely to start fretting or freaking out about your approach. So I thought I’d make it easier for everyone by explaining it the other way round: How to fail.

February 3, 2016 | Katrin Schumann

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Best of the Web 2/1/16

Twice a month, we feature our favorite literary links. As ever, we promise: You’ll laugh. You'll ponder. You won’t get any writing done.


In this LitHub essay on his years in the military, Michael J. Hefti reflects on the difficulty of writing a soldier's narrative when his own use of language is so disconnected from the civilian's. 

February 1, 2016 | Grub Daily

Best of Boston: What's Happening in February?

Welcome to the inaugural Best of Boston, a monthly compilation of all the can't-miss literary goings-on around the city. Take a gander at the hottest readings, signings, and assorted lit events to add to your calendar for February. 

January 28, 2016 | Grub Daily

"We were all trapped in the very place that made us feel safe": @ESGlaude on race and lessons from James Baldwin