Stories from the Screen

In a Nutshell 

Great writing doesn't just live on the page! In GrubStreet's Stories From the Screen, explore storytelling from a visual medium through deep dives into short films, TV episodes, and more. Each screening will be accompanied by an interactive talk about the art of storytelling from a GrubStreet instructor.

Whether you're a screenwriter looking to strengthen your craft, a writer interested in deepening your understanding of narrative structure, or just a film lover excited about learning what makes your favorite films and TV shows tick, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how we tell stories and what we can learn from film.

Upcoming Events 

Behind the end of a character's arc, in which they succeed or fail to reach the external goal they were seeking, what is the emotional ending for that character? How do they change? What internal need is fulfilled or figured out? Join writer, director, and GrubStreet instructor Paloma Valenzuela for an exploration of need and want in the short film El Niño by Venezuelan director Valeria Valentina Bolivar. Learn more and register here.

Save the date and stay tuned for news about the rest of our 2023 Stories from the Screen series:

  • Friday, November 17th, 7-9pm, with director, interdisciplinary artist, and GrubStreet instructor Mariona Lloreta

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