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In a Nutshell 

Want a fun crash course into unique craft topics not covered anywhere else? From how to write historical fiction and other identities with empathy and authenticity to how to write through dark periods (and take care of yourself while doing it), GrubStreet's Craft Talks explore fascinating writing subjects often left out of traditional classes and workshops.

Upcoming Craft Talks 

What does it mean to have a “fully-fleshed out” character? How does that meaning shift if a character comes from a marginalized background? This session addresses these questions by considering the cultural context, history, and power dynamics that shape our understanding of storytelling. Learn more and register here.

Some of the best writing in the world comes from the darkest moments in life: grief, trauma, abuse, discrimination, depression. But how deeply can you dive into these tough topics? And how can you pull yourself out after? Through readings, we will explore how fiction and nonfiction writers handle writing about darkness. Learn more and register here.

How do writers talk about grief through a cultural lens? How does one's socio-economic class affect one's grief? What about immigration status? Sexuality? Birth order? In this session, participants will engage with the craft of writing about grief through these various lenses. Learn more and register here.

When we write historical fiction and when we write characters whose identities we don't share, we stretch our understanding of the human condition. How can writers approach these projects with respect and patiently pursue authenticity and empathy? In this presentation, we will discuss the works of authors to get us closer to our characters so we can tell their stories with authenticity. Learn more and register here.

What makes a piece of writing "male" or "female?" In this session, we will practice writing beyond our assigned gender, both for creative purposes and as a means of personal exploration. Attendees will come away with new insight into literary "crossing," and a wide variety of strategies with which to make the passage. Learn more and register here.

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