Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GrubStreet stage and what kinds of events does it typically feature?

When we moved to our new community space in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood, located at 50 Liberty Drive, Suite 500, Boston, MA 02210, we were thrilled to be able to add a stage to our space. The stage is currently best suited to events like literary readings, script readings, presentation/film viewing, awards presentations, showcases, and intimate musical performances.  

Who is the best fit for using GrubStreet’s stage/event space?

The ideal space user right now is an individual/organization that’s self-sufficient, independent, and courteous in sharing and caring for the space. Our stage is best suited for events that require straightforward technology (mics and stands), and users should be communicative and responsive to our inquiries/questions throughout the entire rental process—before, during, and after. Space users should be ready to take charge of their own setup and cleanup, returning everything to its original place within the agreed-upon time frame. GrubStreet is happy to support your event with some marketing and promotion on our existing platforms; however, GrubStreet cannot co-plan your event or take on an entire marketing campaign. 

What are the dimensions of GrubStreet’s stage?

The stage is 274 square feet, and the event space is 875 square feet. 

What is the audience capacity for GrubStreet’s stage and event space? 

For events with seating, the maximum capacity is 72. For events that are standing-only, the maximum capacity is 125. Please keep in mind that your event setup should always take into account wheelchair accessibility and crowd flow. 

After I complete an Event Proposal Form how long does it take to get a response about space availability?

Ideally, you should submit your event proposal request at least three months before your event. Typically, it can take up to three weeks for us to respond to a submitted proposal, though we aim for a faster response. Given that this process is still very new, and our event staff is small, we need a little more time to process requests. 

Can I place a hold on the space on a certain date? And if so, for how long?

Depends. If your event is more than 6 months out, we can likely hold the selected date for a couple of weeks. However, as the stage gets busier, this might not be possible. We’ll manage this on a case-by-case basis to do what we can, but there are never guarantees that we can hold a date.

Can I book the event space/stage for an event happening in two or three weeks?

Unfortunately, no. 

Do you offer space rental discounts/fee waivers?

Yes. If you are requesting a fee waiver/discount, please reach out to [email protected] because our request form is still in progress but is coming soon.

What COVID-19 precautions are in place? 

GrubStreet’s website contains the latest updates to our COVID-19 safety measures. Keep checking there for the most recent updates. 

Is your space ADA accessible? 

GrubStreet’s new home is wheelchair accessible, including the stage itself and the restrooms. In addition, the stage includes hearing assisted technology, and the event seating can be arranged in a variety of configurations to accommodate mobility devices. To arrange for any ADA-related concern, contact GrubStreet’s Operations Team at [email protected] or call 617-695-0075 between the hours of 10am and 6pm, Monday-Friday. 

What furniture is included in the event space rental?

All audience hardback chairs, a couch, and several individual armchairs—all easily moveable. Space users are expected to perform their own setup of all furniture, including audience seating. Also, all furniture should be returned to its original location upon conclusion of the event.

What technology is included in the stage/event space rental?

Microphones: Three handheld wireless mics, one wired mic, two lavaliers—all battery powered.

A TV monitor on the stage

The lighting contains three basic functions: ALL on/off (stage and audience); stage only; dim lighting over stage/audience.

We also have a webcam available and live-streaming capabilities. (However, event space users must arrange for their own live-stream hosting, etc.)

What are the event space hours of operation?

10am to 9pm sharp. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to accommodate events that begin or end very early or very late.  If this changes, we will update these FAQs. 

Can I leave materials in the space overnight?

No. GrubStreet doesn’t have the storage space to keep materials overnight, nor can we be responsible for those items. 

Is there public transportation/parking nearby?

Tips on getting to the space are listed on our website. 

Do you have a preferred caterer? 

Our Fabulist Cafe, located adjacent to the event space, will be launching in October 2022. Fabulist will offer a quality espresso program, simple delicious food, beer and wine. To coordinate your event with Fabulist Cafe staff, please email [email protected]. Also note that if you are serving alcoholic beverages, you must use the Fabulist Cafe as a vendor. No outside alcoholic beverages can be permitted as required by our licensing.  

Will I get a document or list with all the space use expectations outlined? 

Yes. Once your event is confirmed, you’ll receive a guidance document that provides instructions on using space technology and lighting along with expectations on what users should do for setup and cleanup. And if you have any more questions, the document will also share an email/phone contact for where you can’t ask ongoing questions. 

I’d like to host an author reading or event through Porter Square Books. Do I use GrubStreet’s Event Form? 

If you are an author or publicist looking to contact Porter Square Books about hosting an event, skip GrubStreet’s Event Proposal Form and visit this page of the Porter Square Books website.

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