Grubbie Debut Author Series

GrubStreet and Porter Square Books have partnered for a celebratory new reading and conversation series that goes behind the scenes with members of the GrubStreet community to launch their debut books. These are all authors whose time in GrubStreet’s classes, conferences, and/or events shaped their books in some important way.  

In candid conversations with fellow authors, we’ll hear how these Grubbies went from aspiring to published, what inspired and sustained their stories, and how each book developed and changed along the way. 

Books will be available for purchase from Porter Square Books.

Upcoming Events: 

Porter Square Books and GrubStreet are delighted to present the latest installment in the Grubbie Debut event series, featuring Robin McLeanHer debut novel, Pity the Beast, "is a mind-melting feminist western that pins a tale of sexual violence and vengeance to a canvas stretching back to prehistory, sideways into legend, and off into a lonesome future." Her short story collection, Get'em Young, Treat'em Tough, Tell'em Nothing, "is a series of dispatches straight from the trenches of modern survival, where no one secures the life they were promised yet they fight, flail, and flounder on all the same." Sabina Murray (The Human Zoo) will join the author in conversation. This event will take place on Tuesday, October 18th at 7pm ET at the Center for Creative WritingThe event is free and open to all, but space will be limited, so be sure to register here!

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Are you a Grubby launching your first book in this calendar year or beyond? Was your book or its publication influenced by your time at GrubStreet? If you’d like us to host your debut on our Seaport stage, fill out this brief application form. Our events team will review it and, if we’re able to host you, we’ll then work with your publicist to schedule a date and find a conversation partner.

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