Your First Class

The Student Experience | Your First Class

Before your first class you will receive an email confirming the class time and location. Our headquarters are located on the 5th floor of 162 Boylston Street. Once in the building, you can take the elevator. Below is some information on our space; we hope you’ll read this through before your first class.

What to Bring

Please bring a pen and paper, and any books or other materials that the class description requests. If your instructor would like you to bring something in addition (an assignment or a reading), they will email you in advance. We typically discourage laptops, as their noise can often be distracting to other students, but for classes on social media and blog-writing they may be required. You do not need to bring proof that you have registered for the course, as we have your registration on file.

Food & Drink

There is a Brita filter, microwave, toaster oven, and Keurig coffee maker in the kitchen that all are welcome to use. Food and drink in the fridge and cabinets is staff food unless otherwise marked. Snacks, coffee and tea on the table in the kitchen is communal, so please help yourself. There are also a number of nearby restaurants and cafes, including StarbucksBoloco, and Au Bon Pain. Feel free to bring anything you like to eat or drink during class, but also be sure to tidy up and throw away your trash, and to wash your dishes! Bottles, cans and all paper can can be recycled in the big blue bin in the kitchen.


Each GrubStreet class has a break in the middle so you can stretch your legs, use the bathroom, or get something to eat. The length of the break depends on the length of the course-- three-hour classes will break for roughly fifteen minutes, while six-hour weekend classes will get closer to half an hour. Grub Street does not serve food or drink; if you're taking a weekend class we encourage you to pack a lunch or visit a nearby cafe.

The Copier

If you are taking a 6 or 10-week course, you are welcome to use our industrial-strength copier, located in the instructor lounge, next to the elevator. This machine collates, double-sides, and staples and while it is robust, please be gentle with it, especially with the document feeder. If there’s a jam, it will give you clear instructions for how to fix it. If it runs out of paper, you can find more to the left of the copier. If making lots of copies, please arrive early to avoid creating a long line.


Enjoy free wireless while you’re at our center. The network name is GrubStreet, and the code is available at the reception desk in our front office.

The Library

GrubStreet members are encouraged to sign out (and return!) books from our library for up to one month. Simply fill out one of the cards at the back of the book. We have a wide array of books in our library, from novels and essay collections to writing guides and literary magazines. Please do NOT remove books from the “Friends of Grub” shelf closest to the kitchen. Many of those books are inscribed to GrubStreet.

If you're not an active member, become one today!

Community Board

Looking for a writing group? Upcoming readings? Similar organizations around town? Check out our community bulletin board at the end of the hall and post something of your own. Don’t forget to also check our community board on Facebook.


There are a number of local parking garages, and GrubStreet is able to offer discounted rates to members. For more information, please click here.

When You Leave

Please be sure to leave things as tidy as they were when you arrived. Dispose of all coffee cups and recycle leftover handouts. If you are the last to leave your classroom, turn off the lights.

We are moving!

Did you know GrubStreet will be moving
to a brand new space in 2020?

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