Online Class Experience

GrubStreet classes are known for their rigor, support, excellent instruction, and above all, their community. Now, Grub is bringing these same great traits to the virtual classroom.

The GrubStreet online classroom brings the craft of creative writing into students' and instructors' daily lives, and creates a vibrant network of writers that reaches far beyond Boston. Now writers from all over the world can partake in a GrubStreet workshop.

As an online student, you're invited to enter a smooth platform full of dynamic lessons, compelling assignments, readings, and more. For some classes, live meetings with video, audio, and/or live chats let you commune regularly with your fellow students and instructors.

We have tailored the workshops to the specific needs of the online student: flexibility in scheduling, hunger for quality and intensity and community, ease of interaction with fellow students and instructors, and meaningful and timely feedback on manuscripts. As in our Boston-based workshops, some of these classes are submission-only; others are first-come, first-served; all expect deep commitment and engagement from everyone involved.

GrubStreet will introduce a few new online courses each term, revising the format as we go and building on what has worked well in previous classes. Our students and instructors are partners in this process, and we seek advice from everyone in our virtual community as we create a robust program of top-notch online offerings.

How It Works

For classes that don't require an application, you may simply view current offerings and register online.

For submission-only classes, submit your writing sample via the form embedded in the class descriptions. You will hear from the reading committee approximately 10 days before the start of class.

If you are accepted, you'll receive an email from GrubStreet with instructions to pay and log into our special online class platform. Enjoy exploring the class materials, readings, and materials you see there! You'll also find full details on how your class will operate, and how your class will meet via video, audio, or chat sessions.

You may also receive an email from the instructor, welcoming you and giving you any final directions before the class begins.

Technical Stuff

Students in our online workshops need not have any experience taking web-based classes, though some familiarity with the internet and online communities will certainly make for a smoother experience. To minimize technical problems, students should have access to a reliable internet connection, an up-to-date browser (Firefox is recommended), and, for courses with live meetings, a webcam and microphone headset. This headset could simply be iPod earbuds with a built-in microphone, or similar.

Got Questions?

For more information, contact Ren Smith at [email protected].

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