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Young Adult Writers Program (YAWP): Storytelling Through Film

Saturday, December 12th 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Remote (Live Zoom Meetings)
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Level: Teens
Teen (13-18)
20 seats max

This class will be hosted remotely! You will be able to participate in class via Zoom videoconference from wherever you’re most comfortable. All you’ll need is a laptop or a phone! About 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin, you'll receive an email from your instructor with a link to join the class meeting via Zoom–no need to download anything or sign up for Zoom in advance! If you have questions about remote learning, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Class Description: In this class, students will learn to tell a complete, engaging, and compelling story in one of the most creative, dynamic, and fun ways possible: through film. We will explore basic elements of screenwriting, including genre, structure, character and story development, as well as understand the stages of a film production and how each phase impacts our story. During the class, we will analyze and discuss several film excerpts to help students gain a complex understanding of stories that follow the Hollywood paradigm as well as those that defy it. 

Takeaways: Students will begin to write a treatment of their own and learn to develop their own distinct voice as a writer. This class will bring you closer to becoming not only a more well-rounded filmmaker, but a better storyteller as a whole.

Who Should Register?
For writers ages 13 - 18 ONLY. Writing notebooks are available, but feel free to bring your own.

Remember, parents/guardians must also complete this permission form online before the start of the class. Otherwise, registrations could be voided and the cancellation policy will apply. If the student is 18, simply let us know at [email protected]

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