Why Bother? On Literary Citizenship and Becoming A Writer

Saturday, May 4th, from 2:00pm-5:00pm
Remote (Live Zoom Meetings)
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Level: For Everyone
Adult (18+)
36 seats max

The decision to become a writer can be a difficult one to make. For many, social, cultural, or economic obstacles often stand in the way. Family and friends might not always be encouraging. Creative writing spaces don’t always feel inclusive. So, how and why should we persevere? What can we do to achieve success while helping others? How can we find and create a supportive community?

This free session, designed as a community event for both GrubStreet instructors and students, will engage participants to explore the questions above. We will discuss how dedicating oneself to writing and being a good literary citizen—someone who genuinely respects and supports other writers regardless of their level, background, race, gender, etc—can lead to personal and communal success. We will share concrete ideas, approaches, and resources unique to your experiences as writers and peers to ultimately foster a sustainable artistic lifestyle. We will discuss the importance of community and how to go about joining and contributing to supportive groups in ways that lead to personal artistic growth. This will be an opportunity for those in the Grub community to connect with, learn from, and inspire one another, and to leave with concrete strategies and ideas to overcome the barriers that keep many of us from achieving our writerly goals.

NOTE: Refreshments will be provided. Registration is required to attend and space is limited, so please make sure to enroll as early as possible.

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