WDtS Mattapan: The Ins and Outs of Story Structure

Saturday, March 20th, 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Boston Neighborhoods (Remote)
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Level: For Everyone
Adult (18+)
20 seats max

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The A-Story is typically the physical events we see—falling in love, slaying the dragon, stealing a car—which can be summarized with, “This is the event that happens. And then this is the event that happens next.” The B-Story, though almost undefinable because of the scope it can adopt, involves the car thief’s relationship with the law, or the dragon slayer’s personal history with dragons, and can be summarized as, “This is why this event happens. And this is why this event happens next.” 

The friendship between Frodo and Samwise is the B-Story which made destroying the ring possible. Familial drama is the B-Story which drove Romeo and Juliet so relentlessly into each other’s arms. The Ins and Outs of Story Structure is an online drop-in course where we’ll explore utilization of the B-Story as a way of building the internality of a character, what purposes it serves, how it works with the external A-Story, and how it is similar to and different from subplots. 

These classes are aimed specifically at students living in the greater Boston area. If you live outside the greater Boston area, please consider signing up for any of our other large selection of classes.

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Write Down the Street has a special focus on making the creative writing workshop more accessible to those who face challenges due to cost, language skills, lack of access to transportation, and other barriers. We believe that all voices must be spotlighted with the range and fullness they deserve.

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